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Breguet Tourbillon and Caruso Pawnee Eriksson

Breguet Tourbillon and Caruso Pawnee Eriksson's actually two ideas. As early as 1770, in order to counteract the error caused by the position of the balance wheel, Breguet thought of subtlety makes the balance wheel on a platform along its own axis idea. Thus, when the speed error is caused by the rotation of the semi-circle will be offset by the lower half circle. Breguet In some memos in 1779 and 1800 in the records of these. But until June 26, 1801, the French Ministry of the Interior approved a patent, allowing him exclusive manufacturing this type of watch in 10 years.

Breguet is explained in the patent, the tourbillon governor institutions, no matter what the escapement (rod or red type), escapement wheel is a moving turret driven. It means that the turret is part of the gear train. Balance wheel also operate according to its own axis of rotation. In other words, Breguet balance wheel is fixed in the center of the turret. This happens to be the case Blancpain Caruso.

Po Po Ka Russell Movement

Breguet invention in almost a century, living in London, the Danish watchmaker Bonnie Erickson (Bahne Bonniksen, 1859 ~ 1935) set a goal for himself: to create a lower cost than the tourbillon watch is extremely accurate. In 1892, he also submitted a patent, he put his rotating balance wheel became Caruso (Karussel). As for the time required for the rotation of Pawnee Eriksson is not important. Some of his pocket watch is going to play the Observatory competition. Accuracy indeed achieved, but want a low cost than Tourbillon idea but does not seem easy to achieve. The Danes think Caruso should be adjusted up less time than the tourbillon, but in fact Caruso has more than Tourbillon parts. This is probably part of the reason why Caruso is not optimistic about the long-term. What's more, the tourbillon idea is considered Kebanchushen from Royal Queen watchmakers Breguet.

Today, thanks Blancpain innovation, Caruso returned to center stage and win and show the complexity of its original function rightful place.

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