Commissioned art of my pso2 personality

I figured id try getting one of Phantasy Star Online 2 Meseta my artist friends to play with the game because he had one of these AIS plastic model kits. Really loving these artwork posts...I would really like to get my character drawn one of these days. Sadly I still haven't settled on a particular look (or set of looks) which I am pleased with. Which is frustrating considering she's based off of one of my standing OC's. That is really amazing, and if I could settle on a single outfit for more than an hour, I would totally commission one too Yo this man did not wish to acknowledge that Microsoft is really the only reason PSO2 got localized. I would be pissed if I was Microsoft. He really said Sega was hard at work to have it localized by sending out multiple polls in the west lmao. If they stated the other business was needed to make them do it, it would still be bad PR as it reveals how unwilling they were to do it. This interview should not exist. Really shows how uninterested they were in localization. They compensated for PSO2 but let's be real, if it remained on the Microsoft shop it would be dead by decades end. They paid for PSO2 but let's be real, if it stayed on the Microsoft shop it'd be dead by years end. Those who wanted to play with the match could have gone through the hassle, and stayed with the tweaker. Every game that has ever been around the MS store has died. Doesnt seem like it. There are lots (me being one, 2 friends being two more) that nevertheless utilize the MS shop version. Mainly due to the game pass. I didn't say expired immediately, but almost every game in the shop dies within a year. Many good games have experienced MS strangle them with this particular store to death. True, true. Nevertheless, they did wind up putting it at least instead of letting it die in the MS shop, but this man had no interest In placing out in the west in the first location. Are there additional surveys elsewhere? Surely none 8 years ago, right? Tho I was definitely there creating sound back then when information was being suggested to get a NA release. There's actually some truth to that legend. The SEA version had an English language option added to it at a certain point. However from what I've read it was an absolute travesty (renaming Force into Wizard?!) And that version no longer exists as of just over 3 decades ago. NA localization resembles a rush job however. Gods be surgical. The narrative script is just nice though, barring the occasional typo? Like come on there is some dumb script issues in the game here and there but the Arks-Layer translation is simply serviceable, not worthy of being set up on a base within an official translation effort. Y'know, as they legit just mentioned; Most item descriptions are entirely devoid, multiple times I've found quests who is translation is dodgy at best, Falzpawn is WAY harder to say than"Darker", and NA Afin exists. (No offence to his VA, he does his job fine, but his Voice manager was GARBAGE, also whomever elected to cheap PSO2 Meseta give him a heavy British accent, and have him be the only one,y'know, Americans say"Mate" too)