So it really is kinda like a growth. I am okay with this.

In my head it's sounding just like PSO2 is"1-95" and NGS is"96-whatever", however, the levels"beyond" 95 won't work in meseta pso2. Or like when FFXIV Shadowbringers' 71-80 new abilities did not function in articles from previous expansions (which is how it works now in instances unless you unsync). Though NGS seems to be including a side of"Imagine if ShB had a bunch of new abilities that substituted your 1-70 skills that only worked in ShB articles". I'm glad they put this information dump out. Now if we only get a real ranged/tech hybrid... They mentioned on the 2nd trailer that levels and things will probably likely be separate. You'll be back in Lv1 in NG, and not all courses will be there at launch. I meant it more in a"we will not have access to our old skills before we return to the OG PSO2 ships" sorta way. But my explanation was awful (and I am not positive whether my brand new one below's any better). It sounds like rather the midpoint between"hard reset with decorative transfer" (like moving from Secret World to SWL, which was a dumpster fire of a process) and"regular expansion" (such as BfA into Shadowlands, TBC into WotLK, Stormblood into Shadowbringers, etc). It's not quite like FFXIV Realm Reborn (like a few folks speculated when we heard about it). Because the"old" areas continue to be a part of mostly the same match, and you may go back and play with them with the pre-existing abilities/classes/etc. I am assuming people who desire OG PSO2 cosmetics would still need to earn/buy them in OG PSO2. If that's the case, we end up at something similar to current WoW (if you squint a little ). "Old" content's still applicable for trend purposes and also you can go level something inside, but the newest content created for the growth areas goes off the expansion leveling (meaning in this case, all-new/changed/different courses ). And the skills will be altered enough that a level-cap PSO2 character along with buy PSO2 Meseta a level-cap NGS character will feel and behave largely differently, even if they share a number of the exact same ability names/similar capability animations. (Compare just like a Wow Classic Paladin to a current BfA Paladin or something).