OSRS is doing this the other way

This season we will get: September puzzle anniversary updated, A brand new high end supervisor, Orthen dig website, A new building contract style training method, Skill off-hands of some sort for a benefit from one of the updates this season, A new pursuit. Your article would have been more relevant if you'd posted this until the Q&A told us what we're getting for the rest of the year. Oh, I am sure these are definitely coming out this year just like the Managing Miscallania rework, specialist rework and pursuit teams, Elder God Wars dungeon, City of Sennisten pursuit and Azzanadra pursuit they guaranteed. Or before that the weather system they guaranteed or Raids 2 or the 2016 Mining and Smithing rework or some of the countless other broken promises that they made. We must just blindly assume the company that took until July to launch a fourth upgrade this year and has a long record of broken promises is totally going to do all that stuff. Not saying that the skepticism is unwarranted BUT so far their track record after Warden took control has only been to tell us things they are working on when they're in reality coming that is precisely why we barely know anything in advance now. So that the fact that they really talked about this material going by their said and so much stuck to policy that everything listed is going to come. The things that aren't that they did speak about such as pets were very especially given no ETA. I mean yeah? I have not been enjoying for a while, since my final return there was of one new pursuit, and it was the one that needs you do this high-end elite dungeon; I have not been keeping up with either, but from the little I've heard I've heard of more actual content updates in Nostalgiascape while besides arch, I still have not heard of very many upgrades for updatescape, and even fewer quests, which are the reason I play. More RuneScape gold information on https://www.winrsgold.com/