Venezuelans do not hurt RuneScape integrity whatsoever

"Venezuelans do not hurt RuneScape integrity whatsoever; in fact they simply make it more bearable for its high-end RuneScape players, even as they maintain prices of particular things low," he says. As word of the crisis in Venezuela has been spread, there's been a positive reaction from parts of this RuneScape community who are becoming aware of what is happening in the country. Recently, one RuneScape YouTuber posted a video in which he invited his 117,000 followers to help Venezuela by committing to the global Rescue Committee. For Alejandro, more compassion and a greater understanding of the situation that Venezuelan RuneScape players find themselves in would be greatly appreciated. "People [who] state that it hurts RuneScape and damages the market of RuneScape are only thinking of themselves," Alejandro says. "For those folks, a game is much more important than the welfare of the human being." Similar notions are shared by martinez. "I personally get unnecessary vitriol from additional RuneScape players but they do not [recognize] that I don't choose to live my life like this," he writes. "I had to leave my job as an accountant and begin doing so differently me and my family would be eating from the floor. Many more Venezuelans are in the same situation. As I've said before, even though I know that it's hurting RuneScape I grew to love, I can not set the health of the match within the wellbeing of my loved ones. "Hopefully, one day soonwe can move on from this and appreciate RuneScape as it's meant to be." Asked for comment, Jagex did not answer recent Polygon inquiries, however a Jagex spokesperson delivered within the subsequent statement once we started reporting this story in May 2019:"We're very sympathetic to the plight of the Venezuelan people, and we expect a political solution could be quickly found to finish the incredibly tough situation where they find themselves. We are aware of reports that you can find RuneScape players located in Venezuela who plantation is not exclusive to that country. "However, gold farming and real-world trading are contrary to the rigorous terms and conditions that all RuneScape and Old School RuneScape players must adhere to; these actions fuel black markets related to organised cheating, the prohibited sale of virtual objects, organized cyber efforts, and damage the health and economy of matches adored and played by countless people around the globe. "With that in mind, we are -- and always have been consistent in our action against golden farmers and real world traders. We do not target Venezuelan RuneScape players for gold farming; we put significant effort into detecting and removing gold farmers to get gold farming consistent with our Terms of Service, regardless of where they're in the world."The Way RuneScape is currently helping Venezuelans Endure More RuneScape gold information on