In OSRS the material has to be actually interesting

And in OSRS the content needs to be interesting, since if it doesn't hit at the threshold for votes, the job is moot. But don't forget that it can't be a new best method to train the skill, otherwise it has to get nerfed because it is more XP/h than the present best method, and individuals who already maxed shout and complain about RuneScape gold the grind they moved through being invalidated. This is the only reason why I would not say OSRS is the game that is better. It's pretty much the version that is greater, for whatnot and game ethics. However, the fact there is any updates which ever get added that speed without being extremely af, it's not something I would ever be able to recommend to a friend who never player RS back in 07. Everyone moans about BXP/DXP/etc. In RS3, but in RS3 you can afford to become an adult. You have a time job/etc. And can just spend two hours each day, maximum? With OSRS you are going to spend weeks getting to foundation 50s greater. RS3 will allow you to reach the game content without needing to wait weeks. I never understood this mentality. Whats my benefit? Oh. Skilling is just not enjoyable, click intensive skills are even less, because the benefits are simply not there. This achievement searching mentality should really stop. Friends and family will congratz you, but you'll move on about it and very possibly never benefit from it. Runescape is still a af sport and all this 200M or 120 or even 99ing a skill will result in everything? A pat on the back along with a you probably will never wear, since the benefits kick before that. Worst part isthat early or middle level rewards rarely matter since you proceed beyond them fast enough. I've been contemplating before since the rewards you unlock there really matter before end game playing with Ironmen. Sure when you tryhard enough you'll max before a most important scaper casual, but damn hell this sub-par that everyone is able to acquire 20m/h easy ( when they're utilizing a 1b+ worth of gear ) or buy RS gold concentrate so intensively to get high xp speeds while skilling ( I could never achieve these rates I see posted here or wiki ) But I sure as hell wont be together with even less XP rates than mainscape.