Some questions from a novice OSRS player

It is not too late to enter OSRS, I started playing in March for the first time and I am loving it. There is really not. A fantastic standard idea to start is work on your combat stats and start doing all of the F2P quests. They're a holiday thing that used to be worth a good deal of cash due to rarity. Now they are worth just a fraction of what they had been. Nearly all of Runescape is figuring out your way of doing things and learning yourself, Doing Quests is the very best way to locate and explore new content. Once you complete all of the F2P quests, and also have around 30-40 in most stats you are probably going to need to get Membership. So much of RuneScape is unlocked via membership it is absolutely necessary in the long run. No, people remake HCIM account every day and begin from the base, you can make any build you wish to making your account special. Depends on how much you care about efficiency, personally for brand new gamers that I wouldnt want them to have to obey a set guide, but insead research the entire world for their very own with perhaps some soft manual rather to help with fundamentals. Party Hats were published in 2001 xmas event, tradeable and incredibly expensive stopped objects in RS3. They are only tradeable trivial makeup which are not discontinued. Im sure you could fine one from youtubers like Theoatrix, or use the wiki to get a soft guide, the majority of the understanding of principles you need to understand by playing RuneScape early on, what food does, the way prayer and combat triangle works etc. I would not ever say its'needed' but it would open up far more training methods that are faster, in addition to skills, quests and world content to explore. By far worth it at least in the long run imo, it may also be paid for via in RuneScape game golden, therefore no need for credit cards.PvP (Player vs Player) is permitted in the wilderness in most worlds, the deeper the wilderness that the broader the battle bracket which could assault you and vice versa. Many places are multi way combat meaning multiple people can attack you that are the most dangerous areas. It's also empowered in PvP Worlds, in which your only safe places are mainly banks, there aren't a lot of pvp worlds, it is possible to just attack/be attacked by +/- 15 battle lvls. Those are the places that are unsafe. Safe pvp is available through minigames from the area of Runescape. Its a different sense of pleasure, RuneScape can become very grind and goal focussed for many, achievements become warmer as well as the sensation of development slows down quickly. However, your account does not need to finish all abilities and quests etc if you dont want it RuneScape may be performed in several different ways depending on which build you want to select, so many players complet etheir goals and choose to make a new accountrefreshing all the pleasure for them. There are many more I want to tell you, but time is limited. These views and ideas are all from this website, if you are interested, you can browse them in detail. URL: