RuneScape is the type of game in which you have to create your own fun

I have a question I've been struggling to answser at the last few days. I've rediscovered it and began playing much more casually about a month ago. There are a couple of thigs that I discover I don't like about RuneScape and that I find it tough to clarify if RuneScape is addictive and it gets me hooked or if there are things to actually enjoy. So, the thigs which are little red flags for me personally are:The FOMO I get when I pay for membership. It is not that the money is much, as opposed to going into a film, if I were to play like 4-6hrs per month, the money would be worth it. My difficulty is that it makes me feel that I'm losing something if I don't play for a week or if I don't find some time to play a day. To grow this FOMO, there are the weekly and daily D&Ds that are a really good time investment xp-wise (e.g. caches, sinkholes) I feel I am missing out on. What annoys me a little is that RuneScape using microtransactions such as RS has an immediate incentive to help keep you playing. The further you want to achieve a 99/120 along with the more hours you put in to RuneScape, the more likely you are to spend extra on in. The freaking grindy character of RuneScape. At times it feels as though the whole point of RuneScape would be to grind to get a level so you can grind to find a different one so then you can grind to farm a monster for gp and so on. Is this the fun? Grinding and feeling which you make advancement in an environment much more structured than actual life? Also, as playing RS is so much effort, I do find myself getting cognitive dissonance (I don't like doing an activity, but I keep doing it because I believe I've already spent time/effort/money into it and I would be losing everything I ceased ). The simple fact that it is hard to play it lightly. Personally, I find this kind if AFK multitasking actually bad, since it makes me tired really quickly (switching attention from a job to another is particulary dull for human beings) and it doesn't allow me to enjoy and immerse in my activities, such as work or chatting or viewing YouTube. I am conscious that this can be subjective experience I am talking about, but I am interested as to exactly what do you guys think. I mean, can it be a structured more fun kind of job that you pay to perform or is there some thing in RuneScape that is fun and enjoyable in itself (e.g. enjoying a certain minigame)? RuneScape is the type of game in which you have to create your own fun, yet are surrounded by a great deal of individuals who want to push you to do things which aren't fun and a lot of game design that pressures you to perform chores, instead of have fun. Log in - slapped in the face with dailies. This makes you feel pressured to log in even on days you do not want to, because losing that chance to take part in content seems awful. You will get more OSRS iinformation on