TFG touts that a lot of the positional terminology

You may draft prospect B instead of potential A because your staff requires a nickelback to help the pass defense over an enforcer to assist the rush defense. In general, I think the applications for a more strategic way of team building are direct. Let me know if you'd want me to add-on to I'd overhaul aspects of one will concentrate on a training carousel and staff benefits depending upon coaching staff. Perhaps if I write enough of them I will polish them in a pitch into EA? Who knows. The thing about this position terminology is that EA does not want to alienate people who do not really know these terms. But like just make a choice where you can pick between advanced and simple rosters or something. So whatever you can opt to utilize the roster format or if folks don't like this contemporary terminology that they currently use. Strong idea, probably a similar strategy would work well for CFM generally. Kinda like how they permit you to choose"manual" or"automatic" for specific features in Madden 21. Updated language that is positional would go a long way in improving the expertise of CFM. It is dumb to ignore the importance of a plot on a player's position. No team would play Von Miller as an LB the way the CPU does at a 4-3. Updating the positions would be a little tweak but would go up to now. Along with positions, I think increased flexibility within formations would be a fantastic addition. For example, if you've got a freak athlete that can play multiple positions well, like Isaiah Simmons, you need to be able to move them around to fit what you're doing in a specific play. I do appreciate and that I agree with what you wrote. TFG touts that a lot of the positional terminology is stuck back in 2002, and that I concur with that sentiment 100%. I've said this to the most important mod here before, and That said, writing up this is like placing a message in a bottle and throwing it in the sea hoping comments is seen by EA. They won't come since: They do not care to make their game better, they seem to sell it to casuals with stuff such as Superstar KO, the Yard, and MUT players who will fall hundreds of dollars on packs. You can get more.Please click