They could try, but most people actually wanted bonds

They could try, but most people actually wanted bonds. People were buying OSRS gold for real money from day 1, so letting them do it through jagex didn't change anything, all it did was allow people to pay for their membership with ingame gold.This is funny, they can barely make content I dont believe they're in a position to hold it hostage, every 3 dozen individuals setting up with their shit would probably just move on. But I should have stated they wouldn't stop if it was decorative only MTX. Mat K talked about this and it is over 90% of gamers don't desire buyable exp (internal evaluations by inviting players over). They'd quit. However, if RS3 wasnt profitable anymore they would forcefully put MTX onto 07 to make up profits, but cosmetics only. They also said they would agree with decorative just MTX if it was an absolute must for RuneScape to remain alive. 07 is steadily decreasing in gamers, so finally it'll probably reach this point. Completely false. 7 complete years following EoC and OSRS have been released, and most people, including extremely famous EoC pvmers such as Evil Lucario, will inform you that there's massive flaws in EoC. The vast majority of RS3 players still utilize Revolution based on Jagex. Most OSRS has players have not returned into EoC, most still express a dislike for it. Meanwhile, RS3 is at record low players, while OSRS nevertheless has on average 3 times as many players as us. It is time to accept the fact that Eoc was a failure. I play with RS3 and Eoc, also I really do pvm, and even I can admit that it flopped. We had been advised that Eoc would revolutionise combat and cause a massive burst in popularity as players from different games with modern battle would come play RS3 (it did not happen at all), and pre-existing players would enjoy it (it didn't occur whatsoever, we lost 80 percent of our player base). RS3 pvmers are fortunate to have a couple hundred at times, largely just 100-200. Regardless of the fact that RS3 has better graphics and a combat system that is much more sophisticated. More RuneScape gold information on