Instagram is among the most popular social network services that can definitely be considered to be playing a major role in our everyday lives. Through Instagram stories, we can express ourselves and share to the world our daily activities by uploading a photo or a video. There are lots of events when you want to keep a copy of any these Instagram stories simply because they become quickly inaccessible after 1 day. The memory will be gone forever if it is not stored on the program or your local laptop or computer. Sadly, features of keeping stories on Instagram is not accessible. So as to keep a copy of those worth keeping posts and cherished events shared through an Instagram story, listed here are some recommendations. Have a Copy of your Instagram Stories you did for the entire Day Stick to the guide presented here so you can save the Instagram story video you created for the entire day. You can then playback it for future uses. Nonetheless, keep in mind that this video is not downloaded with the photographs as posted. This procedure will definitely cost you more time as you will need to view first other parts before you view the part you want. Nonetheless, this is far more desirable than not having a duplicate at all. Let’s start. Try to find the “Your Story” icon. It can be on the corner of your feed, upper left side. On that open story page, you will then find 3 little dots, tap it and you will see a "More" option. Then, pick "Save" and then tap the "Save Story" option. Downloading a video may need you a bit more patience because it requires a longer time to be saved. You need to have the downloaded video on the Camera Roll now. Download Instagram Stories One by One If you've noticed in the previous process there was more than one Save option. You can begin here in saving individual videos of your Instagram stories. The procedure is essentially the opposite of the prior one, however it's not harder. Once you are back again in the Save button, make sure to choose Save Video instead of Save Story. This will allow you to focus on a single moment or photo instead of saving the entire day. Then, try looking in Camera Roll or Photographs section. You will locate the save video or even clip there. Downloading Stories Using Other Instagram Users Account A third party site will be required if you wished to download Instagram stories making use of someone else account on Instagram. There are actually explanations why do it this way however that’s not our aim to discuss. These sites may look or created differently however they work exactly the same way. It’s only a matter of picking what you are comfy to utilize. How to make use of a third party website for downloading Open your selected third party website and ensure to check the type of information it needs. Then make sure to prepare it, whether it is the username or direct link and paste it on your browser. You will be asked to choose which of the Instagram Story moments you want to save. While the clip is tapped, hover over it and also right-click to see the Save Link As option. A copy of it will be saved to your computer system for future functions. Hop over to here

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