It would surely be sitting by the lake

It may be that I would like to do fishing or I may be fire or I would like to level up my runescape participant so I can go and fight a dragon it really is about the wide variety of selection. When we are thinking about it in a design standpoint, we are making sure that we are catering for different varieties of runescape players that have come to play our game and making certain that they are catered for. I believe that will be one of the matters which we will talk about during the meeting now is all about the variety and depth of material that we provide. If you consider the men and women using RuneScape, who interact with RuneScape, what would you consider to be a normal usage? How often each week might someone engage with RuneScape if they are regarded as a runescape player? It fluctuates wildly. We've got thousands and thousands of runescape players playing every day. The beauty of RuneScape is that you can dip in a number of times a day and play at one time for 10 minutes. Typically, our runescape players perform two and a half hours a day, which will be as viewing tv. It's their pastime and, as I said, which can be broken into several sessions or a single session. Just so that I am clear, if the average is two and a half hours a day, is the average for people who play every day? Then there'll be runescape players that play? Yes, absolutely. One of the wonderful things about MMORPGs is that, especially with RuneScape, you pick your personality up where you left off and can take a rest for an elongated period of time. If you were wood cutting or fishing and you abandon your character by the side of a river, you don't play for six months and you log into your account, it would still be there waiting for you to pick up where you left off. It would surely be sitting by the lake and waiting for one to continue to fish. Again one of the items for us is making certain that we do have people who come away for an elongated break and that we make it more easy for them to come back. We will possibly provide them with content and also say,"Look what you've missed in the last six months" and give them an update of the things which they may want to play.Do you prompt them when they are off RuneScape? Can they get reminders and prompts? Individuals that are familiar with social media tools and things like that, if you have not used it you'll get a reminder. More RuneScape gold information on