There would be those who would whine

It's difficult to say as someone who has played every iteration of runescape since 2003, but it really is an extremely in-depth game that provides you literally thousands of hours of potential fun if the graphics and play mode of runescape are for your liking. It is still extremely populated, and the community makes amazing content like the"Swampletics" show on YouTube and a subreddit full of jokes, memes, and dialogue. My favorite portion of runescape is that it allows me to play how I want. If I'm watching a show/movie with my spouse, I can fletch, fish, craft, mine, or do other similar abilities which don't need as much care, but still develop my personality. On the flip side, if I want fast paced gameplay, I will go smack on some gear and go kill one of many bosses in runescape, or move try my hand in killing other real runescape players at a completely pvp area of the world's map called the wilderness. Between 2004 and 2007 I played Runescape constantly. I had been having some health problems and so spent a lot at home in bed so that I had a lot of time to play. This was before they left the rules about trading to prevent purchase of gold for real money so that you might trade unlimited products. I was a smith, that was one of the most difficult skills to train to, and I was one of the highest levels that there were. I had other weapons and bow making. So to be fine, sometimes I'd run down Lumbridge that was the place were people spawned when they started runescape, or Varrock, which was the nearest town, and find the minimal level folks. I would make these little care packages which didn't cost me considerably. Many people were incredibly thankful and would be simply shocked. It had been nothing to me, as I had countless mined and gold and made all the things myself. It took some time but it was worthwhile to see how happy it made folks. I also remembered how awesome it was when somebody was fine to me early, so I wanted to pay it forward. There would be those who would whine. "Oh can't you make me a better armor? Can not you make me a few rune stuff?" It was shocking to me as a teen to see people behave like this. It was always funny to look them following me around a bit and getting mad when I didn't. Just a small payback. More RuneScape gold information on