It was not to be. Mayfield will have his day

It was not to be. Mayfield will have his day, but this one belongs to Kansas City's most important man Patrick Mahomes. His stand out year in 2018-2019 bagged the Chiefs celebrity player that box art.Some lovers called that Madden 20 could have a different cover star across the routine, Superstar and Ultimate Superstar editions of this game. That's not the case Mahomes is that directly bicep muscle which will throw a few on-field bombs come release. The NFL's MVP for 2018 is a great choice. He's a rising star of the NFL, helped guide the Chiefs to the AFC Championship game against New England and lit up showdowns from the Rams and others. Plus, it's fantastic to have a QB back on the box.Expect Madden regulars Brandon Gaudin and Charles Davis to come equipped with some new'NFL 100' lines commentary this year. Those, together with the usual contextual fluff for each group, might be the only big changes. Messrs. Gaudin and Davis aren't going anyplace. That's not strictly a terrible thing, even though it would have been nice to hear some new voices.EA could have gone the FIFA route and provided an alternative announce duo for large games such as the AFC/NFC Championship deciders which all-important Super Bowl clash. Hearing Gaudin and Davis repeat the very same lines over and above will undoubtedly become dull, and it's a bit of a shame they will not be backed up by a different team.Brace yourself to hear the exact same banter from game-to-game. We are going to have to wait for that Joe Buck and Troy Aikman combo, or any Tony Romo goodness that would liven up the action. His insights would've been welcome. The standard edition will be published on 2 August (which is still greater than a complete month before that kickoff game between the Packers and the Bears). Others have been stretched out within the week before.Plump for additional the Superstar or Ultimate Superstar edition of the game and you'll receive it on 30 July. Meanwhile, the members of Origin accessibility EA Access or Origin Access Premier may get Madden 20 July, as early as 25. Together with the beta access now shut, this is the complete oldest latecomers into the party can get their hands on it. More Mut 20 coins on