Not be worried about spending cash in Fortnite

Bates filed a complaint with Epic Games, the company that developed "Fortnite." Gaming websites recommend that players use throwaway credit cards -- ones who are not tied to a bank account. They also advocate that fortnite items gamers don't utilize their game password on some other sites and not discuss any personal info, even with friends. The 2016 presidential election? They've got nothing on Fortnite.The release of this game's fifth year, a notable update that players were anxiously awaiting, broke Web game traffic records, according to Akamai. In fact, no... it shattered those records. To put things in perspective, the 2016 U.S. Presidential election saw summit traffic on Akamai's platform of 7.5 Tbps. Yesterday's Fortnite update peaked at 37 Tbps. That's almost five times the bandwidth. "To place this into perspective, this amount of traffic would be similar to downloading the typical cellular game 2.8 million times per minute," said Akamai's Nelson Rodriguez at a blog post. While Fortnite posted some huge amounts, it fell short of the overall traffic record. That was put on Sept. 15 of this past year, when there were a number of important events occurring, such as Hurricane Irma slamming into Florida. Traffic on such day struck 60 Tbps. Fortnite is over a video game, buy fortnite traps is a bonafide phenomenon. It is now mentioned over bitcoin on revenue calls. And its release about the Nintendo Switch set records for that platform, with more than 2 million downloads on its first day. The game's creators have put up $100 million for an esports tournament prize pool to the sport, which will be forcing even more gamers to give it a go.

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