Difference Between Life Coach and Personal Trainer

I have heard arguments about what makes a nurse different from a doctor? A life coach has different levels of professionals may come into the picture of achieving your coaching goal. Anyone who played a part along the line does not mean he is more or less important in your life development value chain! Who is a coach? He is a trained individual skilled in helping others achieve their goals. He was trained to help clients identify what fitness program they need, and develop strategies and plans to structure the program and help them execute a step-by-step plan. While he helps them to identify the plan and structure, he doesn’t get involved in the specifics of implementation. At the implantation stages, the individual must seek the help of professional trainers to execute their plan. Who is a Personal Trainer? He is a certified fitness instructor with varying degree of knowledge to handle prescribed exercises and fitness instructions to train sports team, and athletes. He helps his clients to reach their goals through a series of fitness programs and activities. Differences between fitness coach and trainer Although these terms interchangeably used, there are differences when you take a closer look at what each one does. The following explains what differentiates a trainer from a coach: The trainer is for you if you need to achieve the following: You need who will tell you what to do. When you want the result and not the process of how it came about; get a trainer. You need a customized workout plan. If you have fitness need and you want a unique program to follow on regular basis, you need a trainer. You want someone who will supervise your training, get a trainer. You like a fun workout and being with fellow trainees, get a trainer. If you are starting out and need someone to walk you through, hold your hand and show you the ropes, a trainer is for you. A coach is for the following clients: You want to make the best decision about your fitness and need a guide, get a coach. You believe you have the potential and need someone to make you find it; a coach is for you. You need someone who will make you stay and not to quit; that’s a coach. When your fitness horizon goes blurry and needs someone to help you see better, a coach is trained to do that. A coach or trainer: their jobs may interweave, but each one has a niche cut out for them.