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The tiniest additions can make a game more fun than a large new attribute can.It's why the MLB 18 Stubs series has been on top of this sports gaming food chain for so long. Rather than always throwing large new modes which may be teeming with germs, the group in Sony San Diego Studios concentrates on enhancing what is already in place. MLB 18 Stubs is a prime example of this as the game doesn't see any new modes included, but nearly every style in the game was given an upgrade in some manner, shape, or form. Additionally, the gameplay is now the standard-bearer that all sports names must look to emulate. Franchise mode utilized to involve tediously searching through menus just to find what tasks necessary to be completed following. That's all gone as a result of the addition of"Phases". With 19 in total, every stage throughout the year includes a list of responsibilities that gamers will need to make sure get managed. From handling sponsors for the air to making sure draft picks are signed ahead of the deadline, players will never miss important tasks . And in the event that you just want to make a few decisions and play your matches, tasks can simply be toggled between auto and manual using a simple press of a button. The key modes here Diamond Dynasty, Franchise, and Road to the Show -- have seen new components added or changed in a means that makes every mode more entertaining and accessible for players. More information at: