Some Personal Ideas to Reduce Hackers in MapleStory

We all know that there are an increasing number of hackers in Maplestory Mesos, who will get billions mesos in very limited time, with no much costs, this may broke the balance of game money system in MapleStory, so the hackers have to be resisted! But I will reply his view with facts, I'll give facts that the amount of players of older maplestory when Party Quests was bustling and glory was a good deal more than The current maplestory that I will state, not even 1 percent compare to the old times. It is not about old days. Maplestory need to wake up. It is not about the material. It's around the idea. It's all about the time for maplestory to not just hearing opinion, but facts. Bring out the truth the number of players who plays maplestory from the previous days and the current one. Figuring out why the older maplestory have so many players. Finds out which section of maplestory that constantly have a lot of players in the old and present days. I am not stating Old is good and present is poor. Both has its own good and bad side. You just have to locate the good and cheapest Maplestory 2 Mesos get rid of the bad. What attracts players come back to this game is the way they share. How the community helps each other. Partying together. Tackle challenge together. Obtaining more rewards when they are doing it together rather than solo. I am not saying that grinding is poor. But, grinding is dull for most of the players. Instead in the event that you try to focus on heavy grinding, then you will begin losing players. That's why more and more gamers quit. Only few people who can stand unlimited solo grinding and stay on the peak. Some also hackers. Not all high level are legit. Even my buddy said that only 10 percent high level players are legit (but just opinion, may not be a fact) Programmers don't need to implement the old content back. I am not trying to bring back the older content. Let the old articles be a history. You just need to comprehend the concept and apply it into fresh Party Quests. Which is a Whole Lot better PQ than Kerning PQ. A Whole Lot better afterward Carnival PQ. A whole lot more rewarding then Guild Party Quest. Developers also need to do mind mapping. In case you have difficulty regarding certain ideas or ideas/concept, don't just immediately reject it. Try to discover whether the concept is really good or not. If it's good but still have some problems concerning the implementation, attempt mind map it and find out how to attack the problems. Many of amazing / great thoughts have difficulty to execute and not so easy to implement. However, if it is great, try find ideas how to tackle it so you may execute the wonderful content. Example, the way to earn party quests while it's so tough for players to even find people to perform Party Quests? . We don't have sufficient player base anymore just like in the past. The way to tackle this is simple, just execute a solo way and party way. The more individuals have in 1 party, the more rewarding it will be. So people can still solo up it to certain part and earn a few of the rewards. The community will begin being nice to each other coz they want each other. Just like what human nature is, we want each other to survive. I believe that the mesos should only be produced by handwork, not hacking or botting, players are definitely the most significant part MapleStory game, if there's absolutely no player, then the sport will perish! We ought to keep MapleStory alive with our combined efforts!