Watch movement is definitely the soul of the watch

It doesn't matter what kind of watch, we want to maintain the watch motion, no movement, merely a flashy bracelet watch it.

1, are typically mechanical watches watches, mechanical watches depend gear operation, we see the quantity of diamond watches shall be marked around the watch, that is not to say the number of diamond watch how many diamonds, but alternatively that the quantity of watch gear shaft with drilling, it is often changed with artificial diamonds, Hublot Watches artificial diamonds as the dress in resistance, so the table of drilling considerably more, for a longer period daily life time for you to go watch a relative.

2, nevertheless the gear can't watch with diamonds so challenging to plan components, it will probably only be applied as product steel axle, watches the smaller sized the e book, the finer the axle, day after day tens of thousands of revolutions turn absolutely towards drilling within modest amounts of oil to cut back put on and tear, one time the oil dry, dry axle use inside a couple of years, the life expectancy desk also arrived,

3, watches the desk regardless of the oil is incredibly high-end, but since the amount is simply too very small, a handful of ages will certainly be unstable completed, just like a hair-thin axle can have on longer? Prior desk framework is just not complex now, and do remarkably giant, remarkably thick axle, so some visitors mention that I you should not treatment Desk 10 years are absent, and now the desk obtaining smaller sized and smaller, the price is quite a few days dearer than prior to now, we will not hold as in advance of emotion.