Swiss created motion did not imagine that easy

Generally a new movement, from R & D, design and production, demanding not only in technology, capital consumption is very huge. Especially in the last century, after 701 years of a quartz storm, more than half of the Swiss brand closed plants, sold the production line, through the outsourcing movement, the way parts to maintain business operations.

Until a few years ago, 80-90% of the Swiss brand also is motion through the purchase of Switzerland's largest supplier ETA movement constructed watch. Today, the strength of the Swiss watchmaking industry greatly restored, many brands continue to develop their own unique movement. The main advantage of using a self-produced movement that:

1, R & D expenses and the cost of the motion of production equipment is very expensive, self-produced motion will undoubtedly become the best way to show their own technologies, manufacturing strength, which at the same time to be part of the brand culture.

2, the product's originality, the essence of the brand's penetration from the outside to watch in each part.

3, able to control the quality of products from the production source, and reduce product costs in the case of supply and demand balance: replica omega watches 4, production and operation of an independent, free from constraints or affect other manufacturers.

Of course, not blindly believe is bad, in fact it is just self-produced movement complementary effect using outsourcing motion (primarily ETA). Outsourcing movement technology is mature, decades after the test, the quality can trust: Most outsourcing movement with good "ductility" cost brand spend less on their own can add individual elements; Accessories sufficient number of outlets to provide maintenance, can be very convenient and efficient service. In addition, the price is on the one hand, the high price of self-produced movement is an ineviwatch, the pursuit of Rolex Replica Watches cost-effective for most consumers, the use of ETA movement watches still is the best choice.