Steel - A smoother and much more contemporary look

Also, it could have the next"masterwork" looks, as examples: Bronze - A smoother and more contemporary appearance, as well as observable nuts and bolts. Steel - A smoother and much more contemporary look, with platelegs that get thinner in their way down, a tight platebody, an old-fashioned thin helm, and shields with more rounded edges. Mithril - A smoother and much more contemporary appearance, with stone in the legs and skirts, streaks of white in the torso, more primitive helms and straighter shields with a white crossover rather than a brown one on the kiteshield, the exact same shape and size. Adamantine - A smoother and much more contemporary look, with a shinier tinge on everything and tiny spikes near the armpits and shield corners. Again, it is the helm that is thinner, using a gray crest rather than a blue one, and a grey stripe instead of reddish on the medium. Rune - A smoother and much more contemporary look, and emeralds gleaming on the shoulders (platebody) and random places among the mail (chainbody). The legs have been geometrically shaped, the helms are more pointed, and the shields are more curvy. These are simply examples. What do you think of this? Any suggestions? The quest seems a bit rushed, and the manner by which the NPCs talk doesn't sound like real men and women. Also, I feel like the quest is somewhat illogical. Should you need to set a town protector, why would you visit Sedridor? If I did not have a guide, I would be searching for hours, and likely give up, until one day I happened to talk with Sedridor and that I noticed the choice for the pursuit. When there's no logical route, then there is no reason to move there. Even that one knight in Varrock who's responsible for the guard. Winrsgold | Buy OSRS Gold, Cheap RuneScape Gold For Sale on