When the treatments are stopped

May 28, 2020 - As a child I had eczema, my skin was always cracked and dry, as I grow older and changed my diet I grow out of it, except for a bad patch on my right elbow. No cream or ointment could cure this patch, it would often bleed, especially when I was asleep. The I saw a children's TV series, on a particular episode was a Dutchman called Coen Van Der Kroon who had wrote a book called 'Golden Fountain : The Complete Guide to Urine Therapy', I was so... more

Types of hair loss

May 23, 2020 - The newest technique in applying hair extensions is the micro ring method. Micro rings, or micro cylinders, are a way to extend the natural hair without using complicated sewing or messy glues. Customers and hair stylists love the technique, because not only are¬†micro loop hair extensions easy to install, they are also lightweight and flexible. The other benefit to using micro rings is that they are completely safe for the natural hair. Other... more

Who lack of biotin

May 8, 2020 - Biotin is an important and indispensablesubstance in the fats and amino acids metabolism, in preventing gray hair, hairloss prevention and treatment, ease muscle pain, relieve eczema, dermatitissymptoms have an important role. Biotin is synthesized by intestinal flora. Theraw protein will hinder the body's absorption of biotin. Biotin and vitamin B2,B6, A, niacin (vitamin B3) have complementary roles to keep the skin healthy.Sparse hair male... more