What will most likely be your first construct on nba2k21?

September 25, 2020 - Hard to pick cuz the demo is lips. Can't turn off the shot meter and you're pretty much forced to aim and shoot with the rod if you would like to green most of NBA 2K21 MT your shots. Hands the stupidest addition 2k has ever made. Provided that you aim it correctly, timing does not even matter.How do you hit pictures in NBA2K21? Ive hit 1 3 over the course of my 4 matches and I just can't get anything to go beside open layups. It's... more

There's still no skill gap.

September 21, 2020 - Sizeups are not difficult to use and don't demand a lot of skill. Dribbling has a lot more to do with just spamming a combo it must also do with a change of NBA 2K21 MT pace aswell. A match with sizeups that automatically place the speed of a movement is going to be a whole lot simpler to use rather than a game where you are required to create your own speed and use that to your advantage. The sport should divide the Kyries in the Klay Thompsons... more

The coronavirus has wreak havoc on the world and for a time.

September 17, 2020 - If it's possible to master shooting with the Guru Stick, you'll have a higher ceiling for getting greens and making tough shots, so I'm pretty sure it is likely to NBA 2K21 MT Coins be the shot method of choice for many competitive 2K players. But because I know some will ask... yes, there's an choice to disable Shot Aiming in case you really wish to go back to last year's controls. On the shooting cartoon side, you can expect a plethora of new... more

Would like to have a Vince and Kobe Cover

September 12, 2020 - I'm just going to purchase it for another gen. Because you understand the game for this gen consoles will be cheeks.not like that bro, majority of the neighborhood and MT NBA 2K21 fan-base would be buying the current gen mamba forever variant since it comes with the following gen standard edition for free.But hows it doing him dirty plenty of people wi have his cover because of what I just said.the game will be the specific same as 2k20. So save... more

When the cellular version of OSRS was declared.

September 10, 2020 - It was a jump of enthusiasm when Jagex declared on the 17th of July 2017 that Old school Runescape would be open to OSRS gold play using mobile devices like iPad's phones, and tablet computers. Initially, it had been stated by Jagex that Runescape will soon be out and published for players to download in the winter of 2017, only a few months after the statement. However, this was not the situation. Runescape development was much longer than... more

In OSRS the material has to be actually interesting

September 7, 2020 - And in OSRS the content needs to be interesting, since if it doesn't hit at the threshold for votes, the job is moot. But don't forget that it can't be a new best method to train the skill, otherwise it has to get nerfed because it is more XP/h than the present best method, and individuals who already maxed shout and complain about RuneScape gold the grind they moved through being invalidated. This is the only reason why I would not say OSRS is... more

2K21 park: ideas to make it a far better experience for everybody

September 3, 2020 - I wished to discuss whit you my thoughts about how to make park a fun adventure in 2K21 whit some simple changes. This issue affects all players (casual gamers, higher rep gamers, folks whit good W% listing, individuals who don t care about W% record.) Since 2K chose to make W% record public (2K17)finding games is now a massive issue. I understand 2K wishes to maintain the neighborhood cause whit this they can put in a... more

To take it a step further I even feel this way about achievement diaries.

September 1, 2020 - Obviously, gold-sellers need to make this RuneScape gold. They overcrowd in-game tools with their bots, exploit scam and OSRS gold bugs legitimate players from their accounts. RuneScape's founder, Andrew Gower, sums it up :"There's been a substantial gain in the quantity of real-world trading this season. If we do not find a solution to RWT now, it is going to ruin RuneScape."' Did you even play again then? Skillcapes were out for a couple of... more