2K Sports has announced more details on NBA 2K21

August 29, 2020 - Don't you believe that it's ironic that to get paid for acceptance deal they have to play 72 games and coincidence they're playing those amount of matches. Literally none of NBA 2K21 MT what you are saying things. My point is that the bubble is a continuation of the 2019-20 season. You cannot contend with a definition that is legal. I have my opinions on the matter also, I might even agree with you, but this isn't the point here. Thread was... more

I suggest not just attributes ratings, but additionally badges.

August 27, 2020 - There is no reason these shouldn't"stick" for online play since they do for offline. In play should you take the Coach Adjustments off it stays off. It doesn't do for 2K MT online. You have to pause and eliminate it every game, thereby annoying your opponent and using among those pauses up. If every game the Defensive Settings default option to 2K's default, why can't it default to what I shifted before I change it, or till I"reset defaults"? On... more

NBA 2K21 New Characteristics: Everything We Know So Far

August 21, 2020 - NBA 2K21 new features have yet to be revealed. Even with a current-generation release date of Sept. 4, a lack of concrete data is par-for-the-course for MT NBA 2K21. Judging by their track record, an individual can assume that the current-generation variant of NBA 2K21 to be more of the same, while more info regarding the next-generation edition will come in a later date. The version's release date is unannounced. The most obvious improvement... more

Some questions from a novice OSRS player

August 19, 2020 - It is not too late to enter OSRS, I started playing in March for the first time and I am loving it. There is really not. A fantastic standard idea to start is work on your combat stats and start doing all of the F2P quests. They're a holiday thing that used to be worth a good deal of cash due to rarity. Now they are worth just a fraction of what they had been. Nearly all of Runescape is figuring out your way of doing things and learning... more