Get two high level friends on board with RuneScape

The rationale they enticed me was because I was sporting Total Zammy so that RuneScape gold they understood I had been wealthy and the payoff could be much in their favor. A couple of things to think about: Give the individual a lump sum of cash to convince them you are legit and you will get a fantastic payment should you follow . Make sure the person is wearing great armor/weapons, you don't need this job to go wasted. Get two high level friends on board with this item. Make certain that they get the victim to flip on the chief first to get skulled. RUN to the wildy, so they don't have energy to operate out. Ensure that your victim is innocent, or"nooby" in how they behave. Unfortunately the people dealing with me were stupid because I saw straight through the scam. I don't think luring is reasonable or ethical, but it takes skill and people skills to persuade a person to give you their cash. Utilize black knives obsidian throwing rings. Obsidian throwings are marginally slower than knives but they have the very same stats as magic short bow w/ rune arrows. Same stats, slower and more greater price? Iron knives may work good, they're cheaper than bronze knives with better stats. I used black knives (de ), which are cheaper then irons using even greater stats. I purchased the black knivesand surprisingly they only cost 16 coins per piece. That is half of the high price on the GE. You won't get this kind of xp/hr at your level, so try using black knives Flesh Crawlers because your P2P. Try a German universe? There might be for you in the level, if I overlooked anything someone else may encounter and place it. I failed for 5 days while playing 8 hours each day. (Ask Tcmp what happened. Tcmp do not tell anyone:-LRB- ) I must understand Tcmp very well and we became good buddies. This was really the best part for me. We also must know alot of people who we made profit with buy rs 3 gold. (Tcmp, you understand what I am referring to.) Now after all this, I found something I really like. Slayer!!!