Ignore people saying Ktop also, you stated you do 5-6 man teams

Ignore people saying Ktop also, you stated you do 5-6 man teams, so that's a 1/6th prospect of this magical minion hitting you. Just do not mess with the ktop, the strenght of bandos is more significant. Lastly, I really don't know your prayer/herb levels. AT least piety is a must. If you are ~70 herb, then you could probably get 88'ish herblore with 40M. It would cost 6.9mil to get 70 prayer with ashes/ecto or 13mil with dbones/altar. It took hardly any time with me ecto with ashes. I could get about 70k/hr without a agile short cuts since you don't have to grind the bones. I am not sure how far xp/hr you get with dbones/altar, but it assumed to be quicker so I recommend you get that. Is there anybody who's prepared to key larges for me I leech? This is a deal however: I was supposed to do 20 kills in fight caves for a large dungeon out of Benn0, anyone want to do this with me? I can do something similar to that if anybody wants, possibly duel something or stops? You don't need to be seasoned, just able to do atleast abandonded two floors. I am just looking for a simpler way. Combat level: 107. No thank you, F2P=Bad xp's and I can't use my Gorg 2h or SSH. Excuse me. Combat level: 26? Well, what if I became a mem? I already got it. If you're able to get 67 dg and become a member then convinced. Anyone know how long it is 67-83 dg? Soloing smalls, found it works the best for me (I keyed a 49 minute large:P) You did the large with a group? How much xp/h would you get? Winrsgold | Buy OSRS Gold, Cheap RuneScape Gold For Sale information https://www.winrsgold.com/