The purpose of the Herb run is to RuneScape

Magic Secateurs are optional but RuneScape gold increase Herb yield. Currently I'm unsure whether it is well worth it to use Juju Farming potions - although they're useful, they require a lengthy time to gather ingredients to make. They do, however, make Torstol seeds a viable option for profit, giving on average more gain than Snapdragon even on patches other than the Trollheim patch. Herb runs have a normal profit of 2-4m per hour, together with the disadvantage which you may just do 6 minutes of it every 2 hours or so. It's a great way to take a rest from whatever you're doing, like nolifing a skill, or to begin/end your session of enjoying RS. If you appreciate time at over 4m per hour, do not farm Herbs. The purpose of the Herb run is to travel as quickly as possible with the Herb spots you've got available for youpersonally, harvest herbs to market for cash, and replant the seeds for a later crop. With the very best gear and using all of 5 spots, it's possible to complete a run in less than 6 minutes, with the timer starting as soon as you teleport to Trollheim and finish after all spots have been harvested and replanted, and all tools stored.I can see a major wreck of dbones. In the long term, even farther than 2k. Prayer is one of those skills severely dependant on upgrades as soon as it comes to increasing in cost. For example, Piety is published, costs escalated with 1000 gold increase instantly. Why? There's not a lot of bones in circulation, everyone would like them, supply is drained and costs skyrocket to adjust. Unless there is no updates released that makes high prayer a necessity, it will decline steadily. Once you start seeing new prayer content that requires a greater prayer level (70-99), it'll boost again. Then again, if there are no new update, it will just steadily decrease. Not a lot each week, but it is going to steadily go down a bit each month as years go by. It is just a volatile ability, it's somewhat like herblore. Well, with frost dragon bots having themselves a chunk, and buy OSRS gold blue/green dragons bombarded with robots, I will see the cost going down RAPIDLY. You may say goodbye is a cash sink... directly, yes, it is. Thus prayer does make you cash.