Some art man somewhere spent 15 minutes putting platitudes

Unfortunately, the gaming community seems to be full of sexist and racist people. Reddit too, but you wouldn't delete your account because some people are morons. Exactly the same way you would not burn your passport because a few people in your country are brain-dead. Reddit too, but you would not delete your account because some people are morons. I came very close to doing exactly that. I have essentially boxed myself into a very small corner of reddit I never leave. It's a matter that's only really widespread concerning individuals playing them. The games sector itself is actually incredibly innovative. Super innovative? Perhaps you have forgotten that ? This. EA did a good here by simply taking the side of individuals standing up to tyranny. They can claim to be progressive as they want, but their inner work culture is totally cut-throat, betray your best friend to get a bonus along with a sports car, internally sabotage your rivals project, kinda culture. It is actually pretty well known in Brazil, especially on TV, in terms of evaluations it obviously loses out to soccer by a fairly wide margin, but I would say it's on par with the NBA, Tennis and Formula 1 . For the previous years cinemas have even started to show that the Super Bowl in theatres live since it's a fairly major event. However, it is not a favorite game for folks to play because it requires a great deal of gear, but you will find amateur football and/or flag football teams in every city and most universities. Who cares why they are doing it, can we at least respect that they are doing something? I imagine they already sent media policy material to various publications in preparation of launch that trailer, and rather they are most likely spending a great deal of time sending mails to state they're delaying it. Edit: Seeing a lot of comments that are such as: Properly they are doing nothing. To that, I'll just reply, they might still do less by just silently pushing back any proposed trailer reveals, which this is still a company twitter which means someone needed to find the tweet approved on some level, which means someone did something. It isn't a great deal, but again... Still something. Some art man somewhere spent 15 minutes putting platitudes on a black background and they tweeted out it. I have seen a dozen of these already and it is about as easy as placing on the rainbow icons for pride. It's promotion during a tragedy by attempting to seem shaky. Maybe, but I think that it's something. Half the answers I found on Twitter were people freaking out about it. The one I enjoyed the most was,"But video games are an ideal distraction for stressful times like these!" You can read more product information on