How can I forget the moment I conquered Elvarg in Dragon Slayer?

I know I know... I am not much of a famous member. In reality, I have not participated much in such forums during these 6 decades. I mostly played and came here in order to read Sal's awesome guides. I can still remember my first day in Runescape. Back then I was only a teenager, eager to play runescape because I thought it was fantastic I could play a character and simply roam around a complete world and go wherever I wanted. . I took my role as an adventurer"seriously" and was prepared to fight anything or anyone with my wooden guard and bronze player. Back thenmy favorite abilities were mining and smithing because I wished to make full iron armor and was eager to make more because of each of the vibrant armors out there (mithril lol). And where did I go to learn about runescape? Sal's Realm of Runescape of course! A lot has changed in runescape during these years... and sadly, many of them were not too good. I hated bot nuke day and its infernal lag, I didn't enjoy dungeoneering, I hated the fact that I couldn't make money selling armor at the market (smithing became really unworthy ), and I truly hated the fact that there were lots of scammers in game (I clicked a video using a"connection" to a fake in which my password has been stolen... yes, it happens even to the most experienced players) and all of my dragon armor has been stolen (mercifully, my money was safe in the bank). Each these matters were major difficulties, however there were two major factors that made me leave: 1. Jagex had such poor customer support... it is almost as though they didn't care I got scammed. 2. Rather than adjusting the match, Jagex came up with the first idea of bringing back runescape 2007, like this was a solution. . I'd return but have been so busy with my senior year in the college, it seems I don't have time. Although a lot of those issues I mentioned still exist, I'll always love this match for the good memories it's given me. How can I forget the moment I conquered Elvarg in Dragon Slayer? How could I forget the minute I finished The Chosen Commander? So many memorable quests that I could mention! Anyhow, although I do not think I will come back anytime soon, it is my hope that this community will continue to exist for many many decades. Hi everyone! At Jagex HQ we've observed the Ironman Challenge burst in popularity and have enjoyed seeing players take on the challenge in youtube videos and livestreams! More RuneScape gold information on