Barge no longer stocks a cooldown with spike

Barge no longer stocks a cooldown with spike. Barge free of target will no longer function surge. This will be vary to utilize the targeting cursor in a future upgrade. Legacy Soul Split Healing. In an effort to bring online 2-handed Soul Split healing, the recovery cap has been removed in Legacy combat mode. PvP Focused Changes. Disabling prayers has been removed from Snipe, Dragonbreath and Havoc. Basic stuns currently last for 1.2 minutes. Fundamental and threshold stuns no longer share a cooldown. Eating food throughout PvP in non-Legacy combat mode will drain adrenaline instead of invoking a global cooldown. I am kind of late but I do not check the Runescape 3 page . Any thoughts on such changes? I believe that the Meteor Strike changes will need to happen, but imo the only real change I would like to see would be one that isn't here. Food shouldn't drain adrenaline imo, in a age where free healing skills can be used in day to day battle there needs to be incentive for people to utilize food. Additionally, it makes no sense that sara brews don't drain adrenaline while meals does, sara brews provide no offensive improvements like food. Personally I'd like to see this flip free-to-play some time soon, otherwise we'll end up with a different situation like where magic shortbows and longbow specs are inadvertently made free-to-play. And we are doing free beta testing, why should we need to cover that lol. If you are gonna play RS3 just pick up where you left off. The updated battle and what not is really not going to change those first few weeks or months of just starting a foundation. It'll be much easier to find out the new content in an account you are semi-familiar with, and having the ability to jump right in without having to worry about getting beginning equipment or whatever will dramatically raise the chances that you'll discover the new changes user-friendly. In my opinion starting a brand new accounts for"Newscape" would be kind of tedious and mess up your chances of actually returning for an extended period of time. I've recently returned to my own account , again, for what feels like the thousandth time but that time I have a new perspective and desire to understand. More RuneScape gold information on