Having noticed a macroing software at a friend's place

Having noticed a macroing software at a friend's place, and having detected macroers while woodcutting throughout my previous primary's increase to 99 woodcutting prior to the transaction upgrade, it's simple for me to tell when someone is utilizing them. JaGeX released the transaction restrictions to prevent botters. Well, it didn't work. All it's done is due to the personal'Gold Farmers' to change their method of earning money. What they do today is'Sell' botting applications online to the Players. (although there ARE free ones) From my observations, you will find a bit less botters than before, but the only reason why it might seem like there are SIGNIFICANTLY LESS is as it's not level 3 characters that are doing this. I have observed a level 80 character cutting yews using a bot, I have observed a level 45 killing cows using a bot, and I have heard of players getting complete skills to 99 using bots, the robots are STILL here! Now that botting appears to have switched to the public sector, I've included a questionnaire in this subject to find out whether any of you have been part of these new'Player Bots', but do not worry, it is anonymous. I am just curious what everyone's opinion is on if botting has increased, decreased, or stayed the same, and some of you happen to be enticed into it previously. So, what exactly do I mean by'First Amendment'? I mean meeting a person for an initial time. It may be somebody's friend that he's stated will sell you a few things you require, or it might be an entire stranger that you meet while killing Fire Giants. Whoever it was, where ever it was, you have to have made a decision only after fulfilling them should you want to create a friendship or continue talking to them, or remain cold and quiet. There is some questions at the end that you answer as usual, like! The Start. From as far ago as I remember, I judged someone on their Combat level in the beginning. This told me if they had been a seasoned player, who could possibly help me or who I could just talk to. The Combat level was a fantastic indicator when I had been, well a noob, let us be fair. I had no idea what Rune Armour was or that the remarkable cape they were sporting needed Legend's Quest to purchase and wear. seriously! More RuneScape gold information on https://www.winrsgold.com/