I played was NFL2K and I preferred this to Madden

That's disappointing. The last 2k match I played was NFL2K and I preferred this to Mut 21 coins. I had no idea they went in this way. I actually hoped to get a new NFL 2K match. 2K has hours of attributes more than Madden. I do not care that their microtransactions are worse (cause they're all bad) if the game is far better. Yeah, I don't like EA having a monopoly, but it is far better than a 2K monopoly. Due to a business perspective, cash, and EA. I am not saying that they need to, I am just saying from what I've seen from EA's business practices I'm surprised they have not given the capability to earn money there. I believe that it would have to function as the"story mode" but I can't imagine anyone paying additional for that garbage. Don't think so. They appear to produce all their cash on Ultimate Team with regard to post-sale opportunities. In all seriousness, I'm also curious about this. Does anybody know the reason? I think back in the day the team names were official but only rather what everyone predicted the teams. I could be completely wrong but I don't think like the ancient baseball teams'd official titles even though they were known as the Red Stockings, Cubs, etc.. Honestly I would play a Washington CFM in case it let me pick the group name and logo at the beginning of the year, plus the roster is young so you have a lot of freedom to mold the team into your picture. What if your image is that of Native American heritage? Then right into you PR staff to keep it you need to pump your resource points. I believe it should be around Paradox to make this game a reality. Logo selections for immersion? $9.99. Uniform options? Oh here's a significant dlc, which provides vibrant smoke paths to thrown footballs,"precision" passing, customizable group flags and also a music pack for only $19.99! True, but the game would be very good once you compensated for all 200 DLCs and expansions. And roster bubble gamers are nevertheless paid 20MM APY deals following 50 spots for a certain reason by the AI. Based on the WP article the game would be developed by Neversoft. Damn envision if Madden needed a franchise mode that buy Madden 21 coins let you upgrade your PR team.