Madden 21 trailer made me hype even though I understand NBA 2K is not that good

The racial justice package was bought by me and it comprised 2K20. I chased off the series however, the simulation itself is. The ad is a KIA one and they do not even hide the fact they are covering over the UI. Typically, they have the option to skip their video show or participate in the questions they ask. While the advertisement plays, the place in which the button is has this shining light which hovers over it. It feels like they're taunting you a bit like"view, this is where the button to skip usually is but you can not press it!" I need to admire the balls. Could MS ask $70 to get Halo or Sony request that premium? Sure. There is asking $70 to get a basketball match which fucks you with microtransactions every opportunity it gets too as will just be a coating of paint, is currently going to fly well. Do not believe going up $10 for second gen is going to hurt them considerably. Except it will fly. It is a sports match in the end, fans buy them without even thinking too much about it. Till it will not it'll fly. Now, the value proposition is found by players well worth it. Madden was one of the absolute biggest blockbusters of the year every year... till it wasn't. Now, it does well, but it is the greatest sports sport. 2K seems to be pushing it further, until it doesn't and it is going to keep working. Along those lines, individuals on gambling reddits/forums complain about how new editions are"just a roster update" That is vital if you are a sports fan! I didn't think I needed Madden but viewing Joe Burrow because Madden 21 trailer made me hype even though I understand NBA 2K is not that good. It's what it is, although it might be dumb. They care about hooking the whales. Ultimate Team manners have game, but fans like me keep buying because they are the only game in town. People here also keep mentioning is"only a roster update" from the years where it really not only a roster upgrade. I think the issue with Madden is it's a terrible game at its core. 2K is a game in its core, it mired in nausea. It also helps that basketball is easier to sim + scaled and can readily be made around one player. Thus MyCareer hooks folks (myself included). Madden has that is because it's a itch instead of just an enjoyable game mode, why they lean into MUT so much and zero hooks. After someone eventually hits their summit in seeing the best receiver in NBA 2K mysteriously shed a pass because NBA 2K decided the defender is going to get his hands in the way, along with the animations lock in to this route ahead of the pass even reaches the recipient, they're not coming backagain. 2K has lots of work to do, lots of avenues to improve matters, but it isn't downright busted or frustrating like Madden. But that is just my experience anyway, others may disagree. I gotta say, you are misjudging the sport game audience. A number play only fifa or 2K and nothing else. They are the only match they care about every year and they purchase one and that or 2 other games per year. The playerbase for this generally doesn't care enough to depart the series because they have nowhere else to go because there's a monopoly on NBA 2Ks for the game you like. Sure NBA live and PES exist but they're equally games. Even with monetization, 2K and Fifa equally have gameplay that is consistently strong. More NBA 2K21 information,please click