The most powerful solution to hair growth

There exist simple home remedies that will make your hair grow faster. However i am sure you sometimes hear the same old saying that goes like this "You can't make hair grow faster because it is genetic" This is a false statement. It is a bit saying, "No matter how much fertilizer you give a plant it won't grow faster because it's growth is geneticThough hair generally grows only about a half an inch each month. The suggestions below can help you to speed that growth to anywhere from one to two inches.First to encourage fast hair growth take the following hair vitamin supplements: Biotin, Vitamin B , Follic Acid pills and amino acid pills. These supplements have been proven to grow a healthy mane. Prenatal vitamin supplements have also been known to encourage fast hair growth rates.The most powerful solution to hair growth is using a potent arjuvedic hair oil like Mira hair oil into the scalp and leaving it in for about an hour. After an hour wash it away with a natural shampoo. Mira hair oil will stimulate hair growth and give you healthy thick tresses.Be sure that you have your split ends cut off on a regular basis, as they can prevent your hair from growing normally.On the list of things that you should stop doing to your hair are such things as coloring, heating, and dyeing. All of these actions can cause your hair to grow slower.For best results, Mira hair oil should be used two times each week as a conditioner. Simply soak a towel in warm water and squeeze it until it is just damp. Wrap it around your head. This will enable the oil to work its way into your scalp and spur faster hair growth.Follow these suggestions to speed up the growth rate for your hair.If you want to learn how to make your hair grow longer then the first thing you should realise is that there is no miracle cure. No matter what people are trying to sell to you, there is no guaranteed way to make your hair grow overnight.This is simply because your hair is part of your body. Know more about real hair wigs , wigs uk and more, Please go to: