They did not consider the spacebar warriors

I recall coming back after about a year off at one stage and suddenly there's these voiced'Signature Heroes' speaking like they're these veteran bastards and that we have been on adventures together and we're all old companions or something and from Zamorak lady, I have never met you in my entire life. Back off, woman that is crazy. But hey, at least we have a group of quests that the Gods got fleshed out from their older two selves, and that lets us be loyal to our God. Same specific boat. It's like, I have been around longer than you and you're treating me like a new guy? To be honest that you ARE the new guy. For all we know, they could've been living in this world for a very long time. They're always out there adventuring while us"adventurers" are just grinding pointless skills like cooking, so it's likely that they are the heroes that are veteran they claim to be. Anyways gamers can not have more than 100 quest points and if they do, they just space barred every piece of dialogue that came up. I remember a lot of people only liked Zaros because he had been mysterious and powerful. Once we met him and started fleshing out him, many stopped liking him since the puzzle was gone, or they didn't trust him, or thought his thoughts were dumb. I think this was deliberate. Jagex has been attempting to level the playing field. They've made Saradomin seem more corrupted when he had been the"good god", and forced Zamorak make some good points when he was the"evil god". They even highlighted a lot of the failings of Guthix, or holes in his philosophy. They did not consider the spacebar warriors, though. If you did not read the dialogue the mystery of Zaros will always remain! It's why I'm so sure that Saradomin and Zaros are still popular. Back in the day, I would have ranked them like... Guthix, subsequently Zaros, subsequently Armadyl, Zamorak, Saradomin, then Bandos. Not that there is anything wrong with Zaros - I just think his ideas are faulty and his ego is too big. His doctrine is decent. More RuneScape gold information on