Have fun and enjoy the game Dofus Kamas

That is why we decided to run a survey offering two options to Kamas Dofus Retro For Sale you, each with its advantages and disadvantages:Resetting the host, which would let us restart from a fresh slate but take players away' background, purchases and characters. Developing a new server with no change which might allow to get a new rush under conditions that are identical. To start with, we would like you to know that the reason why it took us some time to get back to you with this is because we had to do a great deal of effort to sort through and verify your answers (besides the rest of the tasks to be done). As an example, we can tell you that the cheaters attempted to prejudice the results here too... and some of them put in quite a bit of work. Obviously, we were ready for this kind of behavior, and we had set up options to analyze survey answers after the truth and remove the cheaters' responses from the result. These actions forced us to take more time to run a comprehensive analysis of this data and guarantee a clean result. 52 percent of you voted for a new epic server. This server will be named Thanatena and we'll keep you informed about its launching. There'll be no choice to move characters between this server and Oto Mustam as announced. Nor will we be able to combine this specific particular server. To all of those who are ready to undertake the DOFUS challenge, have fun and enjoy the game! By cheating groups for a fantastic 34, do not even know why they bother using solitary account servers, cheaters can multilog on them perc and prism attacks are created. If anything is easy, they ask when money is involved and it's ID, restarting a complete server, because of cheats begin asking IP hoppers. With xp/loot that is x3, you don't need to rely on others to progress through character levels or professions. As far as end-game dungeons and quests that require dungeons, yeah you need to rely on other people and there is a good change you'd perish in spite of multi-accounting, but still. Having a mono account epic server could be a great concept, as a mono account participant, I really wanted to play heroic, however such a large portion of the population utilizing"scout" accounts make that nearly impossible. They eliminate all pvp risk towards them using scouts and set it all on mono accounts"tip" I obtained as a new player on oto mustam was to have a scout account. A lot of people also stated illyzaelle was a terrible thought, but buy dofus kamas echo I think a mono account heroic server are the 2nd most populated host following illyzaelle.