Are people really banned from buying MUT coins?

Game update

Updated the "run submit" mechanism, which is more effective in stopping games when used in the right direction in all game styles

Fixed a problem in Madden NFL 20 that caused comments to trigger touchdowns without a TD score, most commonly in a tackle at the goal line

Fixed the problem that "Grab-n-Go" function can be activated during RPO playback

Fixed problems that sometimes cause players to freeze after TD celebrations

Fixed the problem of allowing Iceman to use the flexible method by calling the fake FG game

Script update: fixed defensive alignment issues when attacking with dim sugar week's weaker opponents / fixed offensive game issues / fixed area swap issues when replacing 4-3 or even 6-1 and 46 cubs with trips TE / bunch TE / fixed gun's wrong route tight double Zig under / fixed issues that caused close Z clown / close Z corner / Dev freeze There are more NFL live AI play phone and playbook updates that will reflect the latest data at the end of the NFL season soon. Please pay attention!

Are people really banned from buying MUT coins?

Why does YouTube promote Madden 20 Coins? Because they like money. If you think that most YouTube / streamers do care about the community, you are wrong. Most of them are for making money / getting things for free. I didn't knock anything, and if it works for them and they're good, that's cool. But that's not to say everyone is, because there are obviously exceptions. You just know that many people use streaming / YouTube as a business, and promoting token sales is another source of revenue.

This is one of them, and you may be banned from doing so. Just as you can get a speeding ticket when you get 50 out of 40. But they have both. Catch up with you, then B. Be careful enough to do something. YouTube promotes coin websites to make money, just like advertising them. They will pay YouTube to put it in the video.