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If you have not found anyone yet, you can try to Dofus Kamas find fellow travelers on our Community Discord or the official Dofus forum, in section 1.29. If he would like to succeed your character will have to specialize early. You are in a challenging MMO, and you are going to need to find your way, while it's trades or your own XP rush. It's better to be good at something than fair at all (and feel just like you're not doing something ). If you want to elevate your own Miner to level 100, do it, but don't try to do anything else before you're done! Ocher is the Dofus giving 1 AP, with the absence of Trophies. The Eternal Harvest will consequently be particularly popular and the Archimonstres will sell like a roll, a roll of gold out of elsewhere. Constantly prepare some stones of souls. Who knows, perhaps Pioulette La Coquine will be on your fight? Buy Kamas Dofus Retro packs can only obtain them, an easy way to recover, for most! Take advantage of it to get xp your gift by giving it resources at regular periods (6 to 24 hours based upon the pets). It's possible to finally sell it for a good price (particularly if you raise several at a time) or maintain it. At low levels, pets is going to be favored! Tot returned in detail about its future and the project! The co-founder and present CEO of Ankama, Anthony Roux said"Tot" recently talked on his blog (source) about a project anticipated and followed quite closely by the Dofus players of this French MMORPG, qualified Dofus Unity.