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Two new watches by Richard Mille in collaboration with Rafael Nadal

Richard Mille continues to support Rafael Nadal for his tenth title at the French Open this year.REBELLION Twenty-One Three Hands Pikes Peak, As the tennis star heads to Roland Garros this week, he will shock the latest version, a tourbillon made of NTPT carbon fiber with a red clay-colored strap.

The case is made of titanium and NTPT carbon, and consists of many fine layers of silicon dioxide and TPT quartz, forming a more elastic structure. In addition, the RM 27-02 Tourbillon watch introduces the first skeletonized bottom plate, called "one-piece", in which the strap and the bottom plate are integrated into one. This improved new structure is inspired by the chassis of the car and has increased impact resistance.

In addition, late last week, Richard Mille announced that they will further expand the Rafael Nadal series with a new limited edition RM 035 and will debut exclusively in the Americas. The manual-winding movement has a 55-hour power reserve, similar to earlier Nadal models, and weighs only 4.3


When Richard Mille officially opened the 114th French Open at Stade Roland Garros in Paris, he was a friend and ambassador of the brand Rafael (Nadal) launched the latest timepiece, Rafael Nadal also promised to wear the new RM 27-02 tourbillon on the 2015 French watch. turn on.

(For those who know Nadal's play, he is a very picky person who will do everything he can to win the game and be firm on small details such as the location of the kettle, tying shoelaces or wiping sweat. Because of this, he decided to wear this large $ 775,000 watch in the game, which surprised everyone because it might affect his performance because the watch would hinder his preferred backhand. However, Na Dahl reiterates that Richard Mille Nadal has worked together to adjust all the parts on the wrist so that they are "part of the skin" during the game, suggesting that the Swiss watchmaker has managed to comply with professional athletes The strictest standards.

The RM 27-02 tourbillon brings the first integrated body floor with a skeleton to the market. This case integrates the strap and the floor. Inspired by the racing chassis, this structure greatly improves rigidity and impact resistance, ensuring that it can meet the high demands of professional athletes.

The special floor also supports custom bridges with unique features such as three-dimensional structures, bevels, sandblasted and satin-finished finishes, and titanium and carbon components.

The bridge supports a precision hand-wound tourbillon movement, 21,600 vibrations per hour, and a 70-hour power reserve thanks to the fast-rotating barrel (6 hours per revolution, and the more common 7 1/2 hour). A barrel spring pawl with progressive recoil can achieve 20% tightening, especially at the beginning of the tightening, and helps to evenly distribute the internal tension of the mainspring.Richard Mille RM 27-02 TOURBILLON RAFAEL NADAL

The RM 27-02 case (47.77 x 39.70 x 12.25 mm) is another miracle. Richard Mille's engineers collaborated with North Thin Ply Technology to develop TPT quartz, showing a new material that The material is stacked on top of each other by hundreds of layers of quartz filaments. These fibers are resistant to high temperatures, have extremely strong strength and are transparent to electromagnetic waves. These silica layers are no more than 45 microns thick, and they are inserted between the NTPT carbon layers by an automatic positioning system that changes the fiber orientation between each layer by 45 °. At this stage, different layers of TPT quartz and NTPT carbon are randomly displayed, forming unique mechanical parts for integration into the base plate.

Overall, Richard Mille's dedication to the highest levels of research and development has enabled the brand to successfully withstand the abuse of professional athletes such as tennis players and Formula One drivers, creating a successful The most amazing and best fit for the most demanding extreme watches. surroundings.Urwerk UR-210 replica watches