Those games were really ahead

Those games were really ahead of their time over 10 years ago. It's been with this dreadful exclusivity contract. Was really funny(sad) since 2k began selling their titles for like $20 off iirc just to tell everybody they were so confident in their product, their engine and their franchise which they would use it basically in some ways as a loss leader for a year at least simply to get people just to give them a chance. Then EA was just like"fuck competition, we are going to pay the NFL so that we can be the only game in town". If there it was that. To be fair then Sega did what EA did with football to baseball, eliminating the exceptional MLB franchise (MVP Baseball) to induce their terrible franchise on everybody. These firms always find a way around having to compete, although competition is great. Not doubting it, just that every press release was"EA pays the NFL $300 million to get exclusive rights to be the sole NFL video game" type of stuff. Nothing regarding the NFL initiating the discussions and being unhappy. Seems like it was Madden game companies. The MLB did this as well after without any discount shenanigans that are bizarre. You believe I'm saying they were forced by them ? They came up with this anti-competition plan because 2K threatened their cash by also offering their game cheaper so that they offered a boatload of money to do it to the NFL and looked fantastic. Sure blame the NFL, they probably realized they would get more royalties out of it also but that does not make your story true that they came to EA or it was their idea.I wasn't commenting on who's idea it was, just the fact the when it comes down to it, the occurrence of the exclusive license stays entirely on the NFL. If EA hadn't ponied up the money, 2K could have. The license was gonna happen regardless of who obtained it. 2K could have if EA had not ponied up the money. The license gonned na regardless of who got it happen. Was not this own kind? Was the NFL even considering this as a chance before EA had been"lobbying for this for years" or whatever? This might be the case, but here is where I sort of wanted some proof, as to me this does not look inevitable with no EA going starting a line of dialogue and supplying countless millions. More Mut 20 coins on