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Madden 20 was intended to be re-committing to Franchise Mode this season, but modifications have been extremely superficial. Underneath it is still the exact same old style that players are used to, while MUT sees endless updates and even offers the new Superstar KO mode.From a fiscal perspective, Madden makes nothing with Franchise Mode, while Ultimate Team has caused a massive increase to current earnings. If MUT was down or unstable for two weeks or more then you can bet heads would roll up. The lack of thought and care that goes into Franchise Mode, together with the lack of revenue it generates, suggests that the game mode is simply there thanks to pre-MUT tradition.What is a heart mode for a lot of players is considered a small one for its programmers, and that is never a good place to be. Since the next gen consoles get closer we are unlikely to see any significant changes for Madden 21, however by Madden 22 Franchise Mode, or at least CFM, could be dropped entirely as EA's micro-transaction company model takes additional hold of the game's tools. It is one that you sense is coming given the way November has played out so much for Franchise Mode users, although it would be a huge blow to consumers, and almost certainly a mistake for the publisher. EA has closed down the servers such as Madden Online Franchise mode and fans of the attribute are predictably upset. Here's a peek at the announcement released about the disabled manner:Earlier this week we provided an update on a few Online Franchise Leagues were not able to log in. For details about this update, please check out the EA Forum post here. Yesterday, our teams tried to roll out a server side fix to tackle the issue at which some Online Franchise Leagues were not able to login. We noticed that the Franchise servers started to lock up, after the fix was rolled out. Late last night, there had been a decision made that we had to gate the Franchise Online modes all to prevent all of the Madden servers from locking up, which could have impacted all game modes. At this time Franchise Online modes will probably be offline till further notice. Both Offline Franchise and QB1 are available to play. Please be aware that this is the top priority for the Franchise Team. Our teams are actively working throughout the three day weekend to find a solution and get online hostess styles straight online. More Mut 20 coins on