Distinct courses you can play in MapleStory M

GMs really cleaned up the server. However, with the recent merge with YMCK, the host has gotten incredibly polluted with garbage. No crime to YMCK generally. I do not refer to you , but 95% of the botters currently on our host came from YOUR server. This leads me to think the majority doesn't offer a **** Maplestory M Mesos about cheating on your own server and totally adopt it. Nexon, actual players botting at KSH is now a more serious issue than it ever has been. You should have nipped this ages and really pushed patrols to make sure cheating from actual players ceased. A good deal of the players that are still getting away with it are well over 220+. During occasions each and every drill hall map is inhabited by these pieces of trash along with a huge part of additional popular maps are also occupied. Even when it isn't an occasion drill hall is pretty much full of afk macroing crap. It's a disgusting sight to see. I feel like this issue ought to buy Maple Mobile Mesos be easier to deal with now that you have less servers to deal with because mergers. One check through drill hall will permit you to catch 10+ macroers. It takes 30 seconds to a min to determine whether someone is macroing and let me tell you at this time. Their macros are obvious as hell.