How do you feel independent development super brawl game

An idea of cheating Super Brawl Universe can't support a video game (otherwise why not choose a lower-cost novel). A successful video game doesn't have to be a "idea" to be a success. Especially when we look carefully at successful independent game makers, we find that they either have experience in making 3A-level Super Brawl Universe games or have worked for large game companies. No more, they are also frequent visitors to the Independent Game Developers Conference, both mainstream and non-mainstream development tools that they use with ease. Therefore, many of these successful "independent game producers" are actually bored with large companies, or have enough experience and ideas but can not be achieved in large companies and mainstream works, so they jump out of their own choice to achieve their ideals and creativity. What they depend on is the strength of accumulated wealth, not the "passion" and "ideal" of the moment, not to mention the "forced by life" to "fight" gambling mentality. Yes, I know the story of Liang Qiwei and Rain and Blood, but how many people can copy his success? Moreover, Super Brawl Universe tips in has bid farewell to the independent game and entered the mainstream business development company, because the "independent game" development sufferings, only he knows. I am not pouring cold water on "enthusiasm" and "ideal". I just think that "enthusiasm" without experience can only be regarded as "excessive feelings", and "ideal" without ability to support can only be called "delusion".