Runescape utilized to involve offering up one's hands

Or at least be highly considered. BY THE NOOBS THAT IS. Adults knew it was just hours of your real life spent in a match OSRS gold clicking away ad nauseam. Anyone remember Zezima worship? I sure as hell do and that I hate that guy's name after all these years! OMG occasions three!! Get a lifetime nooblets! The point is that in many ways a number of the abilities became worthless after you attained a certain degree though I shall concede Jagex made some type of effort to change that over the years with fresh content. The idea was to make them fun or for there to be some stage. Observation: a great deal of this content was also pointless or downright stupid! Oops! So much for change. In any case, just because there's new content does not mean it will be fun or worthwhile in a small measure. Additionally, it may just be installed to get uber fast leveling up so that all the crybabies will be pacified. Think Divination skill here... and the main mini-game made for fast leveling. All it was there to do was to allow people to achieve a 99 ASAP. Again I must ask the question... what was the point? Was there ever a point? Not really... and people wonder why so many gamers hang onto and wish for the day when Jagex would knock away the shenanigans and return to RS before the quacked era started... which was right around the period of Construction. The game was really FUN back then aside from cheaters using bots. To finish up, I'll confess I have not been on buy runescape gold since 2012 when my account was hacked. I lost about 1.5 billion in cash and items... never got anything back was my accounts restored. I advised Jagex give me what I got or you lost my money for more members play indefinitely... they never said a peep via email so that was .