Woman Smoking Weed Leather Jacket Photo: Deposit Photos Cannabis which is also referred to as ‘Marijuana’ is a psychoactive drug extracted from the Cannabis plant. One of its primary compounds named ‘Tetrahydrocannabinol‘ (TCH) is helpful to treat chronic diseases. It is often used in the form of a vaporizer. During the year 1914, the consumption of Cannabis had emerged as one of the vital issues throughout the United States of America. It is estimated that about four hundred people especially women have taken the drug as medication. Out of which the majority of them complained about emotional and menstrual problems. Stringent regulations came into force in opposition to the cultivation of opium. Even at the time of the Civil War, Cannabis was used as a painkiller to heal minor injuries. It wasn’t easy to obtain cannabis, not like nowadays you can order weed online easily from different online dispensaries. Cannabis is a mixture of inorganic and organic compounds. It shares similar features to that of tobacco smoke. Chronic use of this drug might lead to the development of upper airway cancer. However, there are no chances of pulmonary complications. PURE FOOD AND DRUG ACT OF 1906 The Pure Food and Drug Act of 1906 stated that apart from the volume of drugs, ingredients like morphine, cocaine, and heroin contained in patent medicines to be disclosed. However, there were no objections to the sale of medications via standard retail purchase. The law laid emphasis on unveiling the ingredients which were previously kept as a secret to the outside world. Cannabis was considered to be a narcotic drug across many parts of the United States of America such as Vermont, Massachusetts, New York, and Maine. The model with Red Lips and SmokePhoto: Deposit Photos Women who have frequently taken the drug suffered from menopausal symptoms, urinary infection, and uterine hemorrhage. In the middle Ages, renowned physicians suggested a combination of cannabis and lard to alleviate gynecologic diseases such as mastitis, gonorrhea, etc. The usage of the drug across the West inspired a physician to write about the effects of a plant via the medical journal. The book highlights the significance of medicines and its remarkable ability to cure ailments like dysmenorrhea. Those women who were depended on extracts of cannabis like syrups and tonics failed to respond to effective treatments. They used it as a means to combat anxiety. A study disclosed the fact young women aged 14 or 15 suffered from depression as a result of constant use of marijuana. RISK FACTORS OF CANNABIS Some of the risk factors associated with Cannabis include vision problems in infants, mild abnormalities, lower birth weight, etc. Constant use of cannabis is presumed to be one of the major factors behind impotence, reduction in sperm count and ejaculation issues in men. A huge variation in blood circulation followed by visual-spatial impairment is found amongst women as a result of the consumption of this drug. The distribution of fat tissues and muscle mass will be different in both men and women. Today, this illegal drug has claimed the lives of millions of people. Out of which most of them were involved in car accidents. The traces of opium were found in blood samples of drivers.