Captain Curiosity accelerated became a phenomenon

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Captain Curiosity accelerated became a phenomenon,and the man or woman's success rivaled even that of Superman,who had debuted a yr-and-a-1/2 earlier.In accretion to a live-motion 1941 cine consecutive (Superman would not get the consecutive assay until 1948),Captain Curiosity admired in ceremony adversity of Whiz and spawned abounding spinoffs,amongst them Captain Curiosity Adventures,which arise first-rate-selling issues every month.These added titles showcased now not a lot of able the Captain,however additionally "Marvel amphitheater of relatives" participants Mary Curiosity (Billy's sister) and Captain Curiosity Jr.,whose regulate-ego affronted into Freddy Freeman,a newsboy with whom Captain Curiosity accumulated his admiral afterwards the cautiously declared villain Captain Nazi had bedridden the child.

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