What Cavs Legion might have gained

What Cavs Legion might have gained in exchange for Sick x 973’s production is versatility in acquiring ALL HAIL TREY. Sick x 973’s effective range offensively has been limited in comparison to ALL HAIL TREY, who has been a more effective perimeter scorer. Whether Cavs Legion will be able to replace Sick x 973’s defensive presence and rebounding will be the big question moving forward. For Raptors Uprising GC, the benefit of acquiring Sick x 973 is obvious. Having a productive center is crucial to success in the NBA 2k League and he absolutely fits that bill. The easiest trend to identify in these moves was that all the teams who made moves currently sit on the fringe of playoff positioning. In the current regular-season standings, Hawks Talon GC sits eighth at 3-2. Heat Check has an identical record and is in 10th place. Cavs Legion GC is right behind them at 3-3. Raptors Uprising GC and T-Wolves Gaming are 13th and 14th respectively at 2-3 and 2-4. Pistons GT currently sits at 19th of 21 teams but at 1-4 with 11 regular season games left on their schedule, they are far from out of the running. The top seven seeds are guaranteed a playoff spot at the end of the regular season, with an eighth spot going to the winner of “The Ticket” tournament. If one of the top seven teams welcome to:https://www.nba2king.com/Nba-2k20-Mt.html