franchise style a main focus for MLB 20

I opt for depth overall. I like the control franchise style offers but wouldn't mind some storyline added in. Better key moments, trade and contract negotiations which make sense, spikes up and down to MLB The Show 19 Stubs get player progression/based on performance (maybe even allow players to choose how players progress) and improved tools to aid in creating prospects.I realllly like the notion of KEY GAMES at a year. While I spend the majority of my time building a group through my farm system, trades, and off-season signings and then, on paper, my is great but at the simulation they lose far more games than they need to, it is really frustrating. I like the idea I can jump to a critical game in the entire year and affect change for my group to get them back on track. Personally, this year I'm simply going to move over my franchise with my beloved A's after this year to the upcoming few shows coming out. I play together with the MLB season and I fall in love with how things go, It requires so much time and I love all of the facets of it. So unless franchise radically changes, I'm going to just keep transferring over.I will not be touching this March to October because it appears useless. I'm tired of being a GM of a team too. What I need is the ability to relocate a team (with endless shifting opitions"unlike in Madden"). Transfer the Marlins into Los Vegas with the capacity to change the logo, name, jerseys, and construct a scene (none of the premade crap). Or even better yet... Bring in a growth team. San Antonio, Nebraska, Utah, and other places would be Buy MLB The Show 19 Stubs cool. But I guess it is only me that feels this way. If we, at the Franchise Nation create enough sound we can influence SDS into creating franchise style a main focus for MLB 20! Fantastic movie as consistently Frisk! Thanks for all you do for us younger guys in the franchise community! I have not cared about franchise mode since they took out being able to set prices, upgrade the stadium, do fan giveaways in home matches. I am good. The important thing is giving people the choice to play franchise how they want.