How to Get Your First 1000 Instagram Followers

The first 1000 followers are hard to get. If you have just started out on Instagram and want to learn how to get first 1000 followers then you have come to the right place. However, it is a big challenge and that’s why most of the people prefer to buy real Instagram followers. But there are some ways to help you to earn a number of followers fast. Here how you can learn the ways to get your first 1k followers.

What needs to Post to get more followers on Instagram:

It is the common question that most the people ask for because it has a great impact on the audience you attract. But how do you know that you are attracting the right people with your content? Use the five-word formula with all your post to increase your account growth i.e. Content- Hashtags- Engaging-Captions-Tagging.

• Content: First off, make sure the content of your post should be high-quality. Use the high-resolution pictures that match with the theme of your brand and overall aesthetic.

• Hashtags: Then choose the right hashtags that are more relevant to your niche, brand, and content. Also, use that hashtags that are used by your followers.

• Engagement: If you want to grow your business, focusing on engaging with your followers. Also, like other’s photos and leave thoughtful comments on popular posts. Don’t expect to grow without engaging with your audience.

• Captions: you add more value to your images by sharing a creative and unique caption. Tell a story and share more about your brand and yourself to keep your followers. You can use a different caption length with your content. Give your audience a deeper detail of your video or image with compelling caption.

• Tagging: Tagging has also great importance when it comes to getting more likes, shares, and followers. You can tag up to 10 accounts including influencers, mega-bloggers, brands and your loyal followers. Also, tag your location in each post as it will make your content more discoverable and increase post engagement.

Grow your followers With Instagram Stories:

Instagram stories are the best platform to promote your brand and grow your account. There are more than 400 million people daily use Instagram stories and it is also most watched content than photos.

• Use your stories to drive traffic to your latest post in your feed by using swipe up feature. You can use call-to-action to direct your followers from story to your Instagram feed that in turns give you more likes and views.

• Instagram stories are the ephemeral type of content that lasts after 24 hours. But you can save them using highlight feature. Save your best and popular stories in your story highlights. It will showcase that what you are all about that let the visitor know more about you. It is just like a quick intro or trailer of your brand. You can also run Instagram story ad and buy real Instagram follower to grow your account.