Smart Items To Install In Your Car

Your car is like your second home. Wherever you go, you always bring the things that you will need in the course of your journey – whether it’s a state-to-state journey or just around the corner. Some would prefer minimalism in their car wherein you bring fewer items while other drivers will treat their car as if their room, where everything you can find including toiletries, can also be located at the trunk of the car.

However, some items should never miss your list of car items must haves. That includes:

Blind Spot Mirrors

Blind spot mirrors will save you from accidents. This small convex mirror that you can place in your side mirror will assist you whenever you try to park your car or see if there are passing vehicles before you make a maneuver. To set this round mirror, you have to position it in the upper corner of your side mirror. Make sure that you put it where you can view the sides that your side mirror can’t reach.

General Sealers

This is the handiest of car accessories that you should not forget. Flat tires can appear anytime, anywhere and sometimes it happens in the most important day of your life. So to avoid getting frustrated on how to fix your flat tire, especially if you don’t know how to change tires, the general sealers will save the day.

Key Finder

One of the reasons why long journeys become a fail is when you lost your keys, especially if you bring your family RV. To prevent the hassle of looking for your key, you should at least buy a wireless key finder to help you locate your keys quickly.

Neck Pillow

Driving long or getting stuck in the traffic jam can cause neck pain. But you can prevent this if you will install a neck pillow in your car seat. It enables you to sit comfortably without worrying if your spinal cord is misaligned from extended sitting. It is essential that memory foam neck pillows are installed in car seats because not all car seats are created to cater the body structure of the drivers.

Usb Car Charger

It is an essential item in the car that you must have, mainly if you use GPS to reach places that you haven’t been. Also in case of emergency, you will be able to get help because your phone is kept charged throughout your travel.

Seat Belt Cutter

It is an important gadget to keep you and your loved ones alive on the road. Often, the reason why there are casualties in car accidents is that the passenger was not able to get out of the car due to seat belt malfunction. You can attach this device in your seatbelt for easy seatbelt cutting.

Traction Mat ForTires

The tire traction mat is your best buddy if you got stuck in icy, muddy or stick road situations. This mat has anti-slip spikes that allow your car to grab onto mud, snow or ice. With this handy item, you no longer have to wait for a tow truck to help you get out of road mess. These are some of the clever items you should start placing in your car for emergency purposes.